12 Pin bulkhead connector to 4 pin vehicle

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I looked at a bunch of different options for getting the 24v 12 pin NATO connector to work with my trucks wiring and honestly thought I was missing something.  They all seemed overly complicated and involved.  I found an adapter for $150 that had a four pin out from the 12 pin bulkhead, but once again, I couldn’t see why the $$$$

I then found a 12 pin bulkhead online for $30 and using some existing wiring, connected it directly to my trucks harness, cut a hole in the bumper and connected up the bulkhead.  Ordered some 12v LEDs and we are good to go.

found this on the Toyota FJ Cruiser Forums:

Green……..J………….RH stop and turn
Yellow…….B………….LH stop and turn
Brown……..E…………Tail/Running lights
White……..D & L…….Ground

Easy and cheap.

12 pin Connector


12 pin bulkhead

12 pin NATO

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  1. Anthony Corbett

    So all you did to get the 24 system to work with the 12v system was buy this connector, wire up the pins from your trucking wiring, then change the bulbs to 12v?

    • James

      yea, it was amazingly easy. I just swapped the 24v bulbs for 12v LEDs and connected up through the bulkhead that I made. From my feeble understanding of electrical, the wiring in the trailer is just wire and the bulbs etc are what determines the voltage. Swapping out the 24v for 12v fixed everything. It was super easy and cheap.

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