I grew up camping with my family and I always look back with good memories.  I wanted to give my kids the same opportunities and experiences I had growing up but became disillusioned with the overcrowding, concrete and crazy reservation schedules of the state parks, and other camp sites.  Camping is something that can be spontaneous and fun.  Driving without a real destination and finding a spot to rest for the night before adventuring on the next morning.  Or meandering through some backroads and by ways and just seeing what you find.

With those objectives in mind I set about building Truckasaurus to support us on the road and carry all our gear on the way.  Turns out that I was highly optimistic about how much space I would have!  The M1101A3 trailer grew out of a necessity to be able to set up a camp and access what we need without the constant shuffle of stuff in the back of the truck.  It remains to be seen if we will be successful, but I am hopeful.

With that said, here are some of our most recent trips and adventures.  Hope you enjoy!












ALABAMA HILLS – Eastern Sierras

Alabama Hills 1









BAJA – Gonzaga Bay

Gonzaga Palapa









Beach Boys









back to civilization









South Island Valley









stopping for a break before getting to buck island