Ammo Can Surprise!

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I had initially set my trucks electrical up to be the go to for all my power needs.  Figured I could always start it up if I was worried about the battery getting drained by the ARB fridge etc.  Plus I had a back up battery that was isolated.  Worst case scenario I could just start off that.

After giving it some more thought and analyzing what our needs were really gonna be for camping and boon docking it became obvious that I was trying to fit a round peg in a square hole.  Not only was it dumb to use my trucks electrical to power my fridge and other electronics it was very inconvenient.  The fridge had to live in the truck and we didn’t have any charging ports etc for power.

I had an ammo can (actually have a few) floating around and I decided to repurpose it to hold a 100ah battery, an inverter and all the switching and controllers I would need to run solar.  Wasn’t all that expensive and came together really nicely.

All the parts can be found in my build link: Solar Powered Ammo Can Parts List

Take a look!



  1. Matt

    I was interested in your portable power ammo can, it’s exactly what I want to build and I already have the ammo can. I’m considering buying an arb fridge or Engel and want to be able to have both units portable for either my jeep or truck. My question is do you have an option to charge the battery while the truck is on and driving such as a cigarette 12v socket? If so how would you set this up?

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