Digital Camo Vinyl Wrap

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Man, this has been a long time coming.  I was always gonna paint the truck when I finished all the major work, but then as the time grew near I really liked the simplicity, durability and functionality of a vinyl wrap.  I knew it would take some effort to make it look as good as I wanted it to, but there is nothing worth doing if its not worth doing well.


I ordered up the wrap and with the help from a friend we got it dialed.  Some small imperfections that I expected but apart from that it laid down perfect.  I will be watching to see how well it holds up now.


My tips and tricks for doing this

  • take your time
  • have a partner
  • smaller sections make it easier
  • use heat (but not too much, hairdryer not heat gun)
  • don’t worry about small bubbles as they will work their way out
  • take your time
  • multiple sharp sharp razor blades for trimming and fitting
  • take your time









5 Responses

  1. Steve

    Great vid just one question, did you cut the vinyl flush with edges or did you wrap around edges for example, door edges or the hood

    • James

      you are gonna want to wrap it around a little bit as the material will shrink over time. I have heard from others that after a few years that is the main issue they deal with, not the peeling or anything like that, but that the material has a habit to shrink just a little bit.

  2. Will

    I’m considering the same wrap except in Desert. How much did you order? I’m not doing the cab and I estimated about 45′. Does this sound about right?

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