Elevating rack struts working

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got the struts up and balanced today. ¬†With two 37″ humvee run flats, the rack can extend with a little persuasion. ¬†That is 300 lbs minimum


FullSizeRender 29
Rack Extended with 300 lbs


FullSizeRender 30
Strut extended


FullSizeRender 31



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  1. Bryon Gaither

    Hey Merrick,
    I’m doing something similar with a M102a5 but would like a hydraulic lift perhaps. I’m curious to know how your struts are holding up. Also, do they stay up with a full tent?

    • Ron

      Curious as well. I was planning to use actuators but gas struts sounds simpler and cheaper. How have they held up?

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