M1101 Rack Height Adjustment and LED’s

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One of my main objectives with the trailer was the ability to securely carry stuff in the trailer and still have a sleeping platform for the roof top tent.  I struggled with how high to make the platform knowing that the higher it was the harder it would be to secure the trailer contents and also the increased wind resistance during travel.  Lower and, well, the opposite problems.

The solution I came up with was make a telescoping rack system that would allow me to travel low and camp high so to speak.  Getting everything sorted and working smoothly has been the challenge but I think it may be coming together.

I also swapped out the 24v incandescent bulbs for 12v LED.  Literal night and day difference

LED and 24v difference
12v LED
24v bulb

Rack Struts extendedRack lowered with bike

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