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I get countless requests on here, through email, Instagram or over on YouTube about specific parts that I have decided to put together an Amazon page.  I will try to keep it up to date with all the parts I use that come from Amazon and if you are in the market and you could pick it up through the list it would be put a little extra in my pocket!  Hope this helps.


Merricks Garage Amazon Store



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  1. KC

    Hello. I’m interested in douplicating your K5. For starters. I’d like to buy the light bar. I’m having difficulty finding the same light bars you have ?

    And tips greatly appreciated. That’s for sharing your endeavors on you tube.

  2. Michael Blackcloud


    I looked in your Amazon store for the small bolts you said you loved, silver with a round head, hex or allen type, but did not see any. Did I miss them? I have a need for some on my Burb project. Thank you Sir!

  3. Emu Becerra

    I’m looking for a rocker light switch panel with at least 5 switches. What do you recommend is the best one for a decently fair priced buy. I’m building my truck into an overland, expedition rig for the family trips so slowly I’m slapping mods on to it, plus with my budget it’s taking me for ever. I still haven’t taken my 7 year old boy on his first camping trip that I promised him cuz of my job and lack of camp ready gear. Sorry for the long story. I absolutely love your vids on the YouTubes. My wife says “send him a love note already” lol. I drove by you at the KING of the hammers before you rolled the beast, but I wasn’t loud enough when I was yelling at you and waving you down. I could not chase you down though cuz we had a convoy going and we had a timed scheduled meet set up. Oh well some day we’ll get to meet and talk trucks. Keep up the awesome content. You rock!

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