Baja, Rubicon, Moab, Lost Coast, Durango, Mammoth, Whistler, Tahoe.  All places that I love, and all places that I want to take my family and all our toys.

I grew up exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains in my 1987 K5 Blazer and when I moved to SoCal spent many a night sleeping in the back of “Truckasuarus” up at downhill bike races, surf trips, campouts or just plain explorations.  My girlfriend at the time suffered the harsh camping conditions with grace.  Well she became my wife, and the two of us turned into the five of us.

Camping out of Truckasaurus wasn’t really an option anymore unless some major upgrades, modifications and customizations were undertaken.  I began a meandering journey to build the ultimate escape vehicle, one that could safely carry us to La Paz or Whistler while allowing us to explore every dirt road, mud pit, or remote campsite in between.  I am a believer that if you build it correctly, you can have a vehicle that can tackle the rubicon one weekend and carry the kids to school the following week.

Come along as I detail the build, our trips and travels and learn from my mistakes…..