PCM Tuning with Team 208 Motorsports

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With the increasing electronic complexity of the new generation of LS engines, tuning the PCM has become a final necessary step in the swap process.  I lacked the understanding and skill to effectively tune my PCM and reached out to Josh at Team 208 Motorsports.  Josh has a lengthy history with the LS motors, and not only understands what tunes will work best, but provides awesome customer service and results.

Josh and I chose to do some data logging on my truck to chase down some electronic demons that were proving challenging.  After an on site tuning session out at the King of the Hammers, Josh was able to trace my issue to a faulty MAF, that was not triggering any codes, but was incorrectly metering air flow.  Talk about customer service.

Logging data on a portable data logger, using an Air/Fuel sensor enabled Josh to build first a Volumetric Efficiency Table directly built around my engines needs and capacities and then drop in the fuel ratios and flow rates to maximize.

What I ended up with is a fire breathing, 450 HP, 400 lb/ft TQ engine.  More than enough to throw my 3 ton K30 Blazer around.  And get 14 mpg on the freeway, (on a good day!)

I can’t speak highly enough about the differences the tune made.  While the LS swap was a huge step forward, the tune really woke it up and made it drive like a new vehicle.

On the advice of Josh I also replaced my valve springs, throttle body and intake to take advantage of the increased air flow, fuel flow and spring rates.  That is one of the primary things that drew me towards Team 208, it wasn’t just a tune in a can, but rather a well though out combination of tuning and hardware working in harmony to produce the most efficient power and torque in a streetable package.

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