Rack Build Struts working

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I am currently working own the second YouTube video for the rack build, but wanted to highlight some of the last developments with the rack build.

I determined that I do not currently need linear activators.  I really liked the idea of everything raising at once and being able to lower everything with a switch, but I also like the idea of cheap and simple.  The struts at $20 a piece are easy and cheap.  At 100 LBS each they are strong.  So strong that once I installed them and extended them I couldn’t get them down until I loaded up the rack.  According to the manufacturer the tent is roughly 300 LBS so that should leave me with some extra push for the surfboards and other stuff that will inevitably make its way onto the rack.

In the meantime I have finished cutting all the cross members.  I haven’t welded them all up yet as I ran out of shielding gas, but they are doing their job.

Check it out!

rack crossmember rough


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