Rear Drawer build update and ARB 63 qt

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I was able to source on craigslist (one of my fav places to shop) a almost new ARB 63 quart fridge that came with the drawer slide, tie downs (unopened) and insulation bag for about $600 off retail and set about building my storage solution to my rear trunk space in truckasaurus.

The build is taking shape, but somewhat slower than I am used to as I don’t have all the wood working tools I need.  I guess that is another investment I need to make….

I test fit the draw system in truckasaurus and will pull it when we get back from Zaca Lake and add the 200 lb draw slides I ordered along with gluing and screwing the top MDF all the way on.  Should be a pretty solid foundation to work off when I am all done.  Stoked on how it is coming together.


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