Rear sliding storage drawers

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When I began this build I found a lockbox on craigslist that I thought was perfect for the build.  It fit great between the wheel wells, was lockable and when I bolted it down to the bed, became a secure place to store all my stuff.

Problem was it was so secure, it was difficult to get things out of.  When camping down in Baja I found that I never wanted to get into it as it was a wrestling match to say the least.  Accessibility has to be high on the list for any storage you design and this one didn’t do that.

I came back kicking around some ideas and started looking at the various “truck vault” options I had seen out there that looked good.  They all looked great apart from the price tag.  $2000 for some drawers???

After some web surfing I decided that I could build what I wanted and have therefore struck out into some wood working.  This is new for me, but I am digging working with wood, it is so much easier and quicker than metal.

Anyway it is gonna be a simple two draw system to begin with but something that I can easily build off as I see necessary.

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