Replacing the K5 tailgate with a Truck Tailgate

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surprisingly I get a lot of questions regarding how I changed the tailgate from the K5 tailgate to the truck and honestly is so remarkably easy I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do a video on.

For those who have ditched the heavy (300 lb) fiberglass shell to a softopper or some variety, you will find yourself with a heavy, useless glass filed tailgate.  Removing the old tailgate and swapping it for the truck will probably save about 30 lbs and provide several benefits:

  • Lighter (substantially)
  • Reduced Hardware
  • No glass to break
  • Thinner
  • Metal instead of cable supports”

All this and the tailgate can be found for under $100 at your local junkyard.  Just make sure that you get ALL the hardware when you pick it up.  The mounting location is different and although the K5 is already tapped and threaded for the tailgate having the hardware will make it bolt straight up.

The added benefit for me was the reduced thickness.  It is a lot lighter but I was now able to carry a 38″ spare.  Before I had been limited to a 37 which when you are running 40’s is not great.  I was now able to carry a 38 x 14.50.


  1. Brandon S

    I love the FLIP DOWN spare! I’ve got a tacoma and a 4runner and all I can find is swing-out options. Not good for my needs.

    What bumper is that? I may need to fab a frankenstein for my taco.

    Your videos are great.


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