Rod Bearing, Valves, and Fluids on my E46 M3

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I have been pretty religious about getting a blackstone oil analysis on my M3 every change, and the last change they noted a higher level of lead in the oil indicating the dreaded rod bearings.  At 140,000 miles I knew it was well past time for them and actually glad to get as much life out of them as I did.

That said, it was time.  I went ahead and ordered up some EPC coated rod bearings and then scheduled sometime with Kevin down in San Diego. While I had no doubt about my abilities to handle this job, the thought of spending four days under my truck cursing and arguing with certain nuts and sub assemblies when the price Kevin does it for feels like I am ripping him off.

Anyway, I had a trip planned to baja and it just so coincided that leaving the M with him on a Friday morning and picking it up on a Sunday evening worked out perfect.

He was able to change the oil, do the rod bearings, change a bunch of various seals and do a valve adjustment.

Better yet, he sent me a constant flow of messages with pictures as to what he was doing.

Awesome.  With the rod bearings, valves, rear subframe, VANOS and hub bolts and oil disc done, I feel like I have checked every potential issue off my list.

Blackstone oil report

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