I recently completed my Solar Powered Ammo Can and wanted to provide a run down of all the parts I used and where I got them.

The main components of the system are as follows:

Deep Cycle Battery


Solar Contoller

Solar Panel

I chose to add a few other pieces to the system, like a switch, a watt meter and a breaker.

The battery I chose was a 100ah deep cycle battery.  Based on the calculations I figured this would be plenty for my camping power needs.









I wanted to go with a Pure Sine Wave Inverter as this would give me the cleanest power for the electronics I would be charging









This marine grade Switch is just used to disconnect the battery positive









I looked at a lot of Solar Panel options but this 100w was the best combination of price, size and wattage









Watt Meter is not completely necessary but a nice way to keep track of power usage and power reserve.









I originally purchased this CTEK Charger to keep the AGM batteries in my truck topped off and healthy, but it also has a setting that is good for deep cycle batteries.