Sorry for the lack of updates!

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It has been a crazy couple of months.  The YouTube channel has been getting busier and busier and I have neglected my blog.  No more!

just a quick list of all the stuff that has come out on the channel and things that are in the works.

  • suspension and tires episode (number one request!)
  • axles, where to get, what to get….
  • snow wheeling (too much snow, ended up just enjoying Mammoth, video coming!)
  • King of the Hammers expo and pits video (this one got picked up by some blogs and went a little crazy!)
  • King of the Hammers finals.  Gotta say, I feel this is prob one of the best edits I have done.  Starting to get my hands around Final Cut Pro a little….



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  1. Roman Garza

    Love your posts man. Sweet K5. As a child my dad had a 76′ K5 blazer. My brothers first “car” was a 74′ jimmy. I then picked up a 79′ K5. Had to sale it do to high gas prices . My dad then picked up an 85′ K5 blazer while I still had my 73′ chevy stepside from my graduation gift, Happy to say, I own the K5 now, his name is ROCKY. I traded my dad and we are both happy. I now have a 8month baby boy and can’t wait to give to him what my dad gave to me, a great bond with Chevy’s lol. Good to see that you spend a Great amount of time with your kids. Cant wait to order some stickers to show support here in Phoenix AZ. Keep on wheeling and and building.

  2. Brian

    I am about to pull the trigger on my new driveshafts. I am following on your footsteps by doing the SYE kit on my 241. I have a D60 front and 14BFF rear both with 1350 yokes. I saw that you had several breaks before your driveshaft maker changed plans and went with what you have today. What specifically should i tell the guy building mine to do to ensure i get the same quality product. His over the phone quote was around 1100.00. Thank you for your help!

  3. Brian

    i bought my SYE kit with the 1350 flange as well. Forgot to mention that part.

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