Throwback – LQ9 Startup for the first time

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found some gold digging though old video footage.  First time I started the LQ9 after swapping it into the Blazer.  Man was I nervous, but no worries, it fired right up and sounded killer.



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  1. Sam

    What kind of fuel mileage are you obtaining with your setup? I’m looking to do a similar conversion and your work has reignited that fire.

    • James

      The fuel mileage unfortunately is not as great as I would have liked. I get around 10 mpg in town driving and between 14-16 on the freeway if I stay under 65. I can comfortable cruise at 75 with the motor, gears and trans but mileage drops to 11-12.

      • Sam

        That’s not the too hateful. My plan was to drop a 5.3L in and put a NV4500 behind it running 37-38’s with 4.10 gears. If you had to make an educated guess what kinda mileage would you think to get with the above setup?

        • James

          I think you are asking for trouble running the 4.10’s. I run 4.56 and thought they might be kinda tall. I would recommend 4.56 or lower for anything over a 37. Are you putting it in a K5 Blazer? If so I would guess that you might be right around where I am. The honest truth is that at 6500 lbs the truck is a pig around town. That is where the milage really sucks. Out on the freeway if I keep it gentle the mileage isn’t bad. How big are you building your truck? One tons, cage etc etc?

  2. Sam

    The truck in question is a 87 K5. I was really hoping to at least see a little more as far as fuel economy. I would like the truck to be a pretty well put together daily. Not a trail vehicle. The biggest challenge it would see is some heavy deep snow, the beach in the summer, and some camping destinations. I would still like to beef up the axles. Dana60 up front and a FF in the rear, cage for safety and looks, bumpers. My other problem is I have a really heavy foot. It likes that pedal down and that’s never friendly around town.

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