Trailer Ride height with 38″ KM2

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I initially had 38″ KM2’s on Truckasaurus.  I had one 37 inch as a spare and on a road trip back from the Sierras some road debris sliced and destroyed one of the 38’s.  I got home with the 37″ spare on but then couldn’t find a replacement 38″.  This left me with three 38’s and one 37.  That was not gonna work.  After much research I found the ProComp Xtreme MT2 to be a fantastic deal and given that they were made by Maxxis, came with a 40,000 mile tread wear warranty and road hazard, I picked them up.  Been super happy so far, but I still had three 38’s kicking around

Enter the trailer with its ridiculously heavy 37″ run flats.  150 pounds for a tire and wheel.  The KM2’s with steel wheels are barely 100 lbs.  Done and done.

Mounted and balanced (with airsoft beads and a lighter) they look great on the trailer and get the height really dialed with the truck.


40 inch ProComp extreme MT2
40 inch ProComp extreme MT2

Truck and Trailer profile

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