Upgraded rear bench seat and build plans

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I knew the rear bench seat that came factory with the K5 was not gonna work for my family of 5.  Being only lap belts with no head rests and various other things set me on a search for a bench seat that I could replace it with that would give me what I needed:

  • Split folding
  • headrests
  • shoulder belts
  • seat belts incorporated into the seat itself (no extra mounting needed)
  • durable (preferably leather)
  • narrower than 50 inches

These parameters narrowed my search down to the third row bench seat out of late model GM.  They mostly hit the requirements but the one that got it done for me was the Cadillac Escalade ESV.

I searched and searched on craigslist to find what I was looking for at a price that was reasonable and my patience paid off.  I found mine about a hundred miles away and met the guy halfway.

I built some brackets to integrate the hardware from the new seats into the hardware in the truck and we were gold!


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  1. Ryan

    I have seen looking at some pics of the front interior you have BMW 3 series (03ish) seats for the front driver and passenger seats. How did you accomplish that? What are you using for a center console?

  2. Matthew G.

    Hey Merrick, I appreciate the product you put out! I was wondering if you have approximate dimensions of the 3rd row seat as I would love to retrofit them into a different application

  3. Steven scherrens

    hey merrick,

    the plans you drew up say the rod needs to be 1/2″ round stock. however your video you say it should be 1/4″ roundstock. could you please clarify on which size we should use?


    Steven S

  4. Vic L

    Love your work man, and YouTube videos! Any chance that you have some prints on how you installed your front seats. I’m doing the same on my M1009 with chevy split back seats, and chevy front seats all with built in seat belts.

  5. Reid Burrell

    On your rear seat bracket build, you have a leveler in the diagram. You didn’t go into much detail. My front bracket, using your design in solid. My rear, on the other hand, is quite loose. I’m sure I can figure a way to make it tighter but was just curious if you used a leveler. Good job on the design. Make note…. you must grind the sharp edges of each bracket. If I did not, the edges of my bracket came in contact with the mechanics of the seat. It hinders operation and fit.

  6. Jordan Parker

    Will the mounts work for other seat types or just the ones you bought?
    I have rear 3rd row out of a 2001 full size suburban and was wondering if they could use it for that.


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