Merricks Garage Amazon Shop

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I get countless requests on here, through email, Instagram or over on YouTube about specific parts that I have decided to put together an Amazon page.  I will try to keep it up to date with all the parts I … Continued

Digital Camo Vinyl Wrap

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Man, this has been a long time coming.  I was always gonna paint the truck when I finished all the major work, but then as the time grew near I really liked the simplicity, durability and functionality of a vinyl … Continued

Pismo Dunes with the Boys!

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My wife and daughter headed down to San Diego so my sons and I loaded up and headed up to Pismo Dunes for some wheeling, campfires, hanging out and memory making.  It was awesome.  Until I broke my driveshaft and … Continued

Ammo Can Surprise!

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I had initially set my trucks electrical up to be the go to for all my power needs.  Figured I could always start it up if I was worried about the battery getting drained by the ARB fridge etc.  Plus … Continued

Review of the Softopper!

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  This probably has to be my most heavily requested review.  I honestly get lots of people asking what it is and where to get one.  Always surprised me as I thought they were fairly well known.  With that said, … Continued

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